THE FIST FULL LABS for 2013 are currently being planned, dates and details announced soon  . . .

Designed for entry level and emerging NT filmmakers, the Labs are a series of hands on filmmaking workshops presented by industry professionals covering the entire short filmmaking process from concept development and writing your film, through to directing, technical production skills and completing your film in post. The Labs will run on weekends in the Darwin area in 2013. You can choose to attend all  workshops or to focus on the areas you want to develop.

Dates are still unconfirmed for the workshops in 2013 but see below for an outline of workshops offered in 2012.



Workshop 1: Writing a Short Film (1 day)

A one-day workshop where you learn the basics behind writing a good story for film – with a focus on narrative development, writing for screen and storyboarding. A great opportunity to build your story idea for Fist Full of Films 2013.

Workshop 2: Directing a Short Film (1 day )

A one-day workshop where you can learn the best tips and tricks for directing your short film for Fist Full of Films 2013 from local screen industry professionals.

Workshop 3: Getting Technical: Camera, Lighting and Sound Techniques
(2 days)

A two-day workshop where you will learn all you need to shoot your film from a technical perspective: cinematography tips and tricks, the basics of lighting in a film and capturing sound in a studio or on location.  One day in studio/classroom setting and one day on location. Participants can bring their own cameras/mobile phones to use or can choose to use the semi-professional cameras/equipment provided.

Workshop 4: Piecing it Together: Editing your film (2 days)

A two-day workshop teaching you the basics of editing your film together in a digital platform – also including segments on post-production sound, workflow management and exporting your film. Participants will use iMovie video editing software but skills learnt can be applied across a number of widely used video editing platforms.
*Participants can bring in some of their own material to edit – or just learn with the facilitator’s stock footage.