Fist Full of Films Terms and Conditions of Entry

Please read the following guidelines very carefully – we wouldn’t want all your hard work making a film or clip going to waste because it didn’t fulfil the entry requirements!

Please Note – Entrants who do not accept and adhere to the Terms & Conditions of Entry (as ticked on the Entry Form) will not be eligible for judging. Late entries will not be accepted.

The Selection Panel determine if your film clip meets the entry requirements, if your film or clip is not eligible for the completion it may be suitable to screen during the festival in the  open program slot NT Exposure.

Please read the Conditions of Entry to the very end, before you download the Entry Form

FFoF 2013 Official Entry Form – WORD Doc

FFoF 2013 Official Entry Form – PDF 

WORD Entry Form – save and name the Entry Form to your documents (FFoFF and your films title) and then fill it out like a WORD doc, some of the information you type in may disfigure the layout but that is OK with us. Then you can email or print this doc.

Conditions of Entry – Short Films

In order for your entry to qualify for inclusion in Fist Full of Films it must adhere to the following conditions:

  • All entrants must fill out a Fist Full of Films Entry Form to submit with their films.
  • All entries should be made in the NT by Territorians during 2012 and 2013 only.
  • If your film or clip is not made in the NT you must be a NT resident for more than 6 months.
  • Entries will only be accepted from ex Territorians if they have left the NT because they are currently studying film or related subjects in another state.
  • The Keyword or Key Object for 2013 is WILD. The use of the keyword or object is OPTIONAL, so you can use the keyword or ignore it as you wish.
  • We prefer that entries have not been screened publicly in the NT prior to FFoFF screenings.
  • Maximum length of entries, including credits, is 7 minutes. If your film comes in under 10 minutes it still may be considered BUT you must note this on your entry form in bold.
  • All entries must be submitted on either –

– a DVD in a mov. or avi single file, compressed single file. (see compression details below) This saves us much time when digitalising and compiling entries for the screen program and gives us the best quality version to screen.


– Entry sent via a file hosting/sharing site and share link details have been sent to

  • info@fistfulloffilms.com.au before the deadline.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries you submit (as long as they’re all different!)
  • Entries must be accompanied by a print quality still from the film for publicity and promotional purposes, supplied on a disc in PDF or Jpeg or a standard photo format.
  • Entrants must provide – a sentence to describe your film and a paragraph short synopsis of your film – as per entry form. These will be used to promote your films, so make it good.
  • Entries must not infringe copyright. All music used must have permission from the license holders. (for more information see http://www.apra.com.au).

Conditions of Entry – Music Clips

  • Music clips must be original NT made music.
  • All music clips should be made during 2012 and 2013 only.
  • Your music clip should be no longer than 7 minutes, preferably 3 or 4 minutes.
  • The majority of musicians and filmmakers must be Territory residents.
  • The production should be carried out in the Territory.
  • The musician/band/entrant must hold the copyright of the recording – an original work.
  • If your music clip is longer than 7 minutes it still may be considered BUT you must note this on your entry form in bold.

Conditions of Entry – Youth Film

(In addition to Conditions of Entry for Short Films)

  • The filmmakers must be aged 18 and under on Oct 2 2013.
  • Adults or teachers can have helped with your film but most of the filmmaking work must have been carried out by people under 18.
  • Please list adults or teachers on your entry form too.
  • Note: Actors can be any age.
  • You must have permission from everyone involved in your film (cast and crew) to use their contribution to your film.
  • You must obtain written permission to use other people’s music, footage and pictures before using them in your film and be able to prove you have.

Film Compression Guidelines

Compression of your short film or music clip using these compression guidelines should result in a file less than 300MB. For more info http://vimeo.com/help/compression

Codec: H264 For best results and smooth playback we recommend using H.264

Resolution:  HD video – 1280 x 720 (16:9 aspect ratio)

SD video – 720 x 576 (4:3 aspect ratio)

Bit Rate:      HD video – 5000 kbps

SD video – 2000 kbps

Film Classifications – Censorship Rating

Fist Full of Films is an M15+ event “children 15 and over must be accompanied by an adult” All entries submitted to Fist Full of Films must contain only MILD violence, adult themes, horror and language. Fist Full of Films cannot screen films in public that have STRONG or EXPLICIT violence, adult themes, horror/gore and language.

DEADLINE for Fist Full of Films 2013

Wednesday October 2nd 2013 at 5pm.

No late entries will be accepted as we can’t hold up our judging and programming processes just for your film.

Films and music clips can be submitted on a data CD/DVD as a compressed single file format like mov or avi. (Please ask for tech help if you need it) as well as copy in standard DVD format.


Entry sent via a file hosting/sharing site and share link details sent to info@fistfulloffilms.com.au

Entries can be either hand delivered to the Fist Full office OR posted.

Hand Delivery to:

Fist Full of Films

C/O Darwin Community Arts

Malak Shopping Centre

16 Malak Crescent corner Chambers Crescent

Malak, NT 0812

Postal Entries to:

Fist Full of Films

C/O Darwin Community Arts

PO Box 376, Karama LPO

Karama NT 0813

Posted films must reach us no later than the 3rd of October 2013. If your entry is coming from the bush you should get it in the post by Monday 1st October just to make sure it gets to us by the deadline.

Entries – By Courier

If you are sending your entry by courier send it to:

Attn: Peta Khan

Fist Full of Films

C/O Darwin Community Arts

PO Box 376, Karama LPO

Karama NT 0813

Entries – By Plane: Please inform us if you are sending an entry by plane to Darwin from a community and we can organise to collect it.


Please contact FFoFF if you have any concerns about getting your entry to Darwin by the deadline.

Fist Full of Films will not be held liable for any loss or damage to entries submitted. Please do not submit the original – send a copy!


Entrants implicitly accept FFoFFs right to screen entries in full or in part as part of promotion of Fist Full of Films short film competition and/or screenings. And use the still photograph from your film in promotion or publicity.

I have obtained and can produce these documents on request;

  • Music – Permission via a written agreement with the musicians(s) and/or publisher
  • Location – I have attained all required permits and permission to use the locations in my film.
  • Actors – have knowledge of and agreed to the use of their image and recording within the terms and conditions of entry and signed a contributor release
  • Non original works – I have attained permission to use all non original works within the film – eg archival images, graphics, script and music.


Entries to Fist Full of Films will be short listed by the Fist Full of Films Selection Panel before being submitted to the FFoFF Judging Panel. GALAH AWARD Finalists will be notified by the 21st October 2013, if not before. Judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

A GALAH AWARD certificate is presented to each category winner if a winner for each category is determined by the judges. Cash and voucher prizes for winners are only presented if the category has been sponsored.

Galah Awards Categories

•           BEST SHORT FILM

•           BEST MUSIC CLIP



•           BEST YOUTH FILM




•           BEST SOUND

•           PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD – Finalists films only


We endeavour to have your film or clip seen by as many people as possible so we ask you to tick your entry forms so we know we can include your film or clip in a variety of viewing avenues. For example –

  • Fist Full of Films Screen Programs & affiliated screenings
  • FFoF DVD compilations that may be for sale
  • Fist Full of Films Website
  • On or linked to other affiliated or sponsors websites
  • Sunday Shorts @ Deckchair Cinema
  • Television Broadcast

If you have questions concerning the eligibility of your film or meeting the terms and conditions of entry please contact info@fistfulloffilms.com.au